August 18th, 2004


Toronto Trip: Day 3.

Even asleep the dude's still styling his hair.


We didn’t get up until noon on Saturday. The absinthe had destroyed us. No hangovers, just the unpleasant feeling you get after you've completed a triathalon while being repeatedly bludgeoned by the full-grown chimpanzee strapped to your back.

Alex(lexxy_pie) lay on the bed completely motionless. I put a mirror under his nose to make sure the absinthe didn’t kill him. Other than getting up briefly to grab lunch with us, he was down for the count 'til 3 or 4 PM. I guess growing up in a country where vodka's squeezed into your glass with an eyedropper didn't adequately prepare him for the Green Apocalypse.

Rain(hipstomp) was not very sympathetic.

“That bastard kept rubbing his leg against mine all night,” he complained.

As for the rest of us, the absinthe had blown through our innards like a tsunami, making us extraordinarily regular. Luckily there were several bathroom stalls on the second floor, where the hotel's conference rooms were; because if we'd only used the toilet in our room, our suite would've been rendered completely uninhabitable. You would've had to set fire to the place to cleanse the evil.

All day and night we bombed those second floor toilets like they were al Qaeda hideouts.


While Alex slept, we trekked around downtown Toronto, eventually ending up in the Chinatown area on Spadina, where they were having a street fair. Paul(naka_chan) was jonesing for a massage, so when I spotted a booth offering Thai rubdowns he jumped right in.

For some reason the tent didn't really have a wall so, as you can see, Paul was on full display to all the passerby. And man, the guy instantly became a major tourist attraction. Maybe some of them thought they were demonstrating ultimate fighting moves, or the Homo Sutra. But in the 20 minutes he was there, over 50 curious onlookers stopped to check out the man-on-man action. This one old lady wouldn't stop laughing. I could've easily charged admission.

When we got back, Alex was finally out of bed; so we hung out in the hotel bar, working on some writing exercises that Rain had us try out. As expected, it turned into a laughfest, but we clearly weren't even close to 100%.

Fucking absinthe.


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