August 24th, 2004


Catching Up.



A handful of things that happened between Toronto and now:

1. Witnessed a massive lightning storm several miles from my plane's window. It was like the sky was exploding. Every two or three seconds there would be a five-mile row of violent flashes, revealing enormous black clouds that looked like a floating mountain range. You could see the lightning bolts actually spear the lakeside city below. Couldn't take my eyes off of it.

2. For the first week I was back in LA, I had this powerful urge to go to Hawaii, to the point where I could actually smell the coconut-scented suntan oil, hear distant ukuleles, and taste my favorite pussy drink, Lava Flow. Realized the cause of it: I'd hit the part in Murakami's Dance Dance Dance when the two characters take a trip to Oahu. I guess they had a really good time.

3. A close friend of mine had a going-away party at her boyfriend's place. She and I had both grown up in LA and, after college, had never lived anywhere else. We'd both made attempts to move to New York after '99, but nothing panned out for either of us. Then we looked at employment in Asia at separate times. Well she finally beat me to it - after wavering all summer about leaving LA, she accepted an offer from a big-ass investment bank in Hong Kong. Damn you, woman, this town's gonna suck a little more without you.

4. Celebrated my kid sister's birthday.

5. My girlfriend and her family headed off to Vegas this past Sunday, leaving me with her mom's 85-pound golden retriever 'til Tuesday. He's a strangely smart bastard, slobbers after he drinks water, and dreams of sucking bitch teat when he was a child (Seriously, I've seen him do it in his sleep twice.).


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