September 2nd, 2004


Yup, This About Sums It Up.

'Strong, decisive leader' my ass.


I know, I know - I'm not supposed to get too political in this online journal, but this image amused the shit of me. I'm going to rant a bit, just for the Republican National Convention, and then go back to my polite, courteous self. At least until November. Maybe. So this is what's been annoying me since my last political entry:

You have Republicans spreading lies about Kerry's medals when all their President earned during the Vietnam War was a Purple Liver from boozing it up with other rich-ass kids.

You have the Republicans loudly claiming their President is strong on terrorism when instead of sending the bulk of our troops to Afghanistan to hunt down bin Laden, he fricking sent them to Iraq to hunt down a man who had nothing to do with 9/11. And by preemptively invading Iraq, he's helped terrorist groups successfully recruit even more America-hating volunteeers. More people have been killed by terrorists in the three years after 9/11 than the three years before. Safer? The Republicans must be snorting the same coke Bush was snorting.

More American soldiers have died after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished." It's just a matter of time before the number of deaths hit 1,000. Men and women who'd already finished their tour of duty are being sent back to risk dying again for Halliburton.

People claim that all they care about are issues, but the Republicans' vicious lies and gutter campaigning are working: Bush caught up to and even passed Kerry as a result of the whole swift boat ad filth. Kerry's got to fight back hard, because if he thinks he can win by sticking to the high road, then that dumbass is out of touch with reality - and he pretty much is. Nevertheless, I think the swift boat ads was a wake-up call of sorts for him, and hopefully he fights just as dirty and ruthlessly as Karl Rove and Cheney.

Or we face the possibility of four more years of a guy who couldn't even face the 9/11 Commission without Cheney sitting with him, holding his hand, telling him what to say. The only thing this vacation-loving president's been strong and decisive about is which club to use in a sandtrap.

Bottom line: I'd rather vote for a flip-flopper than a lying idiot.

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