September 27th, 2004


Brass Monkey Photos.

A friend of mine posted almost 100 pics from this past Saturday's birthday on Ofoto. Quite a few of them were pretty funny. The one above is easily my favorite. It's as if the alcohol had dug its way deep into the more primal parts of my buddy's subconscious, and turned him into a gorilla. Here he is trying to force one of his friends to mate with him, as gorillas do not understand the meaning of the words 'no' or 'homosexual.'


Tarantino looks like an old Russian witch in this photo, Baba Yaga. The interesting thing about Baba Yaga is that she lived in this hut that had legs. The interesting thing about Tarantino is that he used to bone Margaret Cho.


Here's a splendiforous pic. I'm woozily sticking a cocktail straw up my nose while a tiny midget woman scolds my left shoulder.


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