October 21st, 2004


Strange Little Monkey.


Last week I started to catch myself saying dumb random things when I was driving alone. Things like “Life is a strange little monkey.”

I’d flirted with the idea in years past, but earlier this week I started looking into buying small papaya farms in Costa Rica or sleepy beach bars in Thailand (Logically I’d add a cockfighting ring in the back). The photo above is from a house for sale in Palo Seco, a small Costa Rican town where the human inhabitants are outnumbered by sea turtles and, of course, monkeys. That beach is the front yard.

It’s listed at $159,000. In West LA, this price will fetch you a large chicken burrito.

Lord knows if all this is a self-indulgent curiosity about starting a whole new existence or simply a short-term exit strategy. Or just a recent mixture of boredom, indifference, and a low energy level resulting from a crappy diet (Am I the only person who gets a specific craving for KFC?) and a two-year absence from the gym.

Too bad my old gym’s now charging $59 a month. For that price, I might as well buy a house in Palo Seco.

Life is a strange little monkey.

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