November 1st, 2004




Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend.

Mine was pretty first-rate, except for the part where Stanford got shut out by UCLA. Mediocre whores, all of them. Fortunately this was negated the following day by the Steelers bequeathing unto each of the Patriots a second butthole. I believe Tom Brady somehow ended up with three. The dude is now regular for life.

Of course, I didn’t see any of this because the programming geniuses at CBS felt that the West Coast people would much rather watch the Snoozer Bowl between the Raiders and Chargers. I suppose it was God’s way of punishing me for not getting DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

I guess the best part about Halloween is candy: Real candy when you’re a kid; eye candy when you’re older and fonder of hot, naked ass. This past weekend’s parties were adequately populated with hot, semi-naked ass, which for a non-single guy like myself, did nothing but make me cry inside. Damn these anti-harem laws! Damn them all to Hades.

I didn’t take any pics, but my friend CC did. All of the pics were taken at B’s house party, which had everything: valets, bouncers, security guard, DJs, bartenders, go-go dancers … everything but ice. Despite the room temperature vodka, the party was entertaining. For one thing, B’s new pad was ridiculous. It had its own movie theater for Chrissakes. My favorite part of the house was the 30’x30’ window in the living room that perfectly framed LA downtown - well basically the whole SoCal Basin. On a non-polluted evening, like this one, the view was fairly breathtaking.


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BTW, that costume's something I wore four Halloweens ago. Wasn't planning to wear a costume at all 'til the last minute, so I fished that old bastard out of the storage closet. Still hasn't lost its magic.

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