November 4th, 2004


Conquering Your Fear Of Flesh-Eating Deer.

Some of you might remember that zany ex-coworker of mine, Anna, who quit her job a couple of years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an actress/photographer/flute teacher. Well she added another slash to that job description: Apron maker. Her kitschy aprons have been selling well and have already been featured on several magazines. They were even were featured by the InStyle editor on the Today Show as a holiday gift idea. You can start your Christmas shopping now at Anna's site


On Election night, I figured it was pointless being a sad Oriental and decided to do one of two things:

1. Kill
2. Drink

From a monetary standpoint, killing is cheaper than drinking. Killing is also much gentler to your liver. But according to the Bible, killing is morally wrong. And in America, we’re all about morality. On the other hand, drinking is A-okay with Jesus. After all, one of his most famous miracles was turning water into wine at a wedding party.

JESUS: Why’s everybody taking off so early?

PARTYGOER: The bar ran out of liquor, Jesus. Party’s over.

JESUS: Hold on a sec, grab those jars over there and start pouring.

PARTYGOER: But they’re filled with water, man.

JESUS: Just shut your hole and pour those jars! The party’s not over ‘til the Messiah says it’s over!


So off to the bar I went. While there I saw many sad, drunk Democrats. I also ran into an old college dorm mate, Jason. The last time I saw the guy, he was studying to be a corporate lawyer.

“So which law firm are you at now?” I asked.

“I’m not a lawyer any more,” he said. “Went and started my own record label.”

Jason just started his music venture recently and already he has a couple of artists. One of them was sitting with him and his new wife at the table: this quiet guy named Ken. Jason’s label will focus mainly on Asian-American talent, which makes it a little more challenging for him; but that’s what he’s extraordinarily passionate about.

As far as destiny goes, you can walk down the paved path in front of you; or you can hang a left - like Anna and Jason - and try to find your own way in the woods. Sure you risk getting lost, hungry or devoured by man-eating deer - but the freedom of going wherever the hell you want is intoxicating enough for some people to take that chance.

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