November 7th, 2004



"... fuck ... shit ... damn ... fucking shit ... damn this ... fucking ... CD wrapper ..."


To this day, I still have a bitch of a time trying to tear and rip that cursed cellophane off the CD jewel case. I just simply lack the long, sharp claws. Who the hell does the music industry think buys CDs? Eagles? Housecats? Wolverine?

Makes me wish I had that one long pinkie nail like those old guys in China. I'd tear off the cellophone with one swipe and spend the rest of the afternoon basking in the songs of Funkadelic while gently stroking my mole hairs.

Even when you finally get that cellophane off, there's this long-ass white sticker on the top rim of the jewel case. The corner of the sticker has a tiny tab with an equally tiny sign that says simply "Peel." I've yet to successfully peel that entire sticker off in one piece. What usually happens is I only tear off a small sliver. Then I spend the next several minutes tearing off the rest of the sticker, sliver by sliver. Then I spend another minute scratching off the gummy sticker residue.

I guess this is what I get for not stealing my songs off the Internet. One might think it's because I'm against music piracy, as my village was looted and burned by musical pirates. But mostly it's because I just wasn't really motivated to find free songs after Napster went away. I'm just really dumb like that. If you know of a good place(s) to pillage free songs (Is it still Morpheus?), let me know.

Anyway, all that cellophane-removing pain was worth it. I'd finally gotten around to getting the Garden State soundtrack. Dare I say, it's better than the movie. The track's got several songs where, when you're listening to it in your car on a Sunday night drive, it makes your life feel more interesting than it actually is.

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