November 16th, 2004


Brazil & Argentina.

I guess when it came to travel I either went east or west. Europe or Asia. Until this year, for instance, I'd never even set foot in Canada.

I've also never gone further south than San Diego. For instance, I'm probably the only person born and raised in LA who's never been to Tijuana, the Disneyland of Mexico; which is strange considering how much I love Mexican food, Brazilian Victoria's Secret models and those Peruvian guys who play flutes at outdoor malls.

BUT that all changes next Thursday when I head down to Brazil and Argentina. It somehow turned into a two-part trip, with the first trip hitting Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires. The second trip will be in February when I finally get to exchange gunfire with the "City of God" kids during Carnivale in Rio, and maybe check out the insanely beautiful mountains and glaciers of Patagonia.

So if anybody out there either lives in or has visited Brazil or Argentina (specifically Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires), I'd love to hear from you. I know that quite a few of you guys have already been down there in the past year-and-a-half (Like busilife. A huge thanks for the deluge of info, BTW), so please don't be shy about sharing your vast wealth of knowledge.

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