November 30th, 2004


Greetings From Iguazu Falls.

Number of times I´ve been mugged: 0

Number of times I thought I was about to get mugged and accidentally punched an elderly Brazilian woman in the face: 1

Number of hours of sleep I´ve had in the past two days: 3.5

As everybody had told me in advance, Iguazu Falls is indeed unfuckingbelievable. But very touristy, hence I´ve found an Internet cafe right next to the upper lip of one of the falls.

Still damp right now from all the mist. Yesterday while riding a speedboat directly under several of the falls, I got thoroughly drenched right down to the testicles, although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Driver´s waiting outside. Off to Argentina tomorrow, where I will jam my colon with a nonstop diet of red meat.

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