December 2nd, 2004


Hola From Buenos Aires.

Have been here for less than 24 hours and I already like this town, and not just because the buildings are made of candy.

After we checked into our hotel at midnight, we headed over to Palermo Viejo, which is chock full of laidback outdoor cafes and, you guessed it, candy. At 2 AM, the sidewalks were still buzzing with people of all ages. The funniest age group were the toddlers, because they were asleep: Their parents would just drag them around by the wrist from one bar to the next, forcing them to split one more pitcher of Guinness with mommy and daddy. Like Sao Paulo, it really is a night-based culture here.

The one negative is that my old vacation nemesis Humidity has followed me here, causing my damp shirt to glue itself to my torso, thereby enhancing my man titties. The Argentines are very impressed and have danced around me in a circle many times while clapping their hands and stomping their heels. The locals call it the Man Titty Tango.

Catch you later. In the mean time, stay dry up there.

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