December 5th, 2004


Getting Drugged In The Name Of Lesbian Threesomes.

Right after I finished my last entry, I met several fellow Americans (or as we´re called in Argentina, "el cockbiting Assholios."). They consisted of this guy, Nathan, and his four sisters.

They were in the first week of a two-month South America trip. But traveling´s nothing new with this family: Because their parents were missionaries, they´d grown up in a grand total of 23 countries. Nathan, for instance, was born in Afghanistan. Interesting bunch of kids. All were forest rangers with the exception of this brawny blond chick, Charlene, who headed a crew of fire jumpers - those badass firefighters who jump off planes into the middle of forest fires.

Charlene probably gave me my most special moment of this vacation. While I was hanging out with them and a bunch of Euro backpackers in a hostel, Charlene lifted her digital camera´s display screen up to my face.

"Check it out dude, s'my turd."

She´d just taken that crap an hour earlier, and after pinching her loaf and unsuccessfully trying to flush, she´d realized that she´d pooped in the bidet. So naturally she captured this triumphant moment in digital form.


It was an interesting evening of the usual bar and club hopping. What made it interesting was that Nathan was convinced that the Argentines were all out to bang his sisters ... which was probably true. He accused one Argentine guy we met at Kilkenny´s Irish Pub of dropping him off at a bar and abandoning him there, so that he could make the moves on his female siblings without brotherly interference.

Then later that evening, as we were leaving a club at dawn, Nathan told me that this one Argentinian chick, whom two of his sisters were strangely enthralled with the whole time we were there, leaned over to talk to him. While doing so, he claimed he saw her drop a mickey into his drink.

Now I´m very much against secretly drugging innocent people, with the exception of Mr. T who wouldn't get on a plane otherwise in "The A-Team." But if Nathan being drugged meant that the Argentinian chick would improve her chances of getting it on with his two sisters, then I was a little sorry he didn´t fall unconscious.

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