January 6th, 2005


Helping Out The Motherland.

Project ASIA just launched.

Started and operated by baronroads (formerly dieseldc), Project ASIA's a non-profit foundation promoting social activism and fundraising. The site was designed by typefiend, and it even has its own resident blogger, none other than naka_chan.

Because Lord knows Asia can use the help in 2005. First the Indian Ocean tsunami. And now you've got desperate guys in China renting fake girlfriends to get their relatives off their backs about why they haven't gotten married yet.

This is what those bastards get for getting rid of all their girl babies. Now the whole country has a comparable male:female ratio to Silicon Valley's - which means a billion lonely men masturbating at 3 AM to Internet porn, and the thousand or so remaining Chinese women hiding for their lives in secret bunkers.

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