January 9th, 2005



I figure about a third of the people on my Livejournal's friends list also have Xanga accounts. Anyway I've got a question for you guys: What are the main differences between the two?

The reason I ask is because every once in a while I'll get an email from a Xanga blogger, who doesn't have a Livejournal account, asking me why I don't write in the magical land of Xanga. These were my reasons:

1. eProps. This could only mean that Xanga bloggers address each other as eHomies.

2. Every time I come across a Xanga journal with animated flower petals cascading down the page, or playing a fucking Usher song, I get a horrific AsianAvenue flashback and fall to the ground twitching uncontrollably.

3. Livejournal chicks are way hotter ... Alright, I admit I only wrote that because I'm on Livejournal.

4. There seems to be a lot more crazy, neurotic, seriously fucked-up people on Livejournal. If I encountered any of them on the street, I'd probably turn and run into my car, frantically fumbling with the keys as they growled and slobbered all over the side window. But online, they make for entertaining reads.

5. Funnier motherfuckers on Livejournal. Why? See above.

6. Prettier pictures on Livejournal. However, while Xanga is lacking in the number of artistic shots of spoons and tree leaves, it more than makes up for it with a significant advantage in the number of photos of drunk Asian chicks at clubs, and I'm a huge fan of those.

7. 2 eProps. What the hell? As if giving a single eProp wasn't gay enough, Xanga gives you the option of being twice as homolicious.

8. When people leave a comment on your Xanga entry, you can't see their userpics. How the hell are you going to able to tell if that person's ugly or foxy? Bloody Communists! Livejournal caters to my shallow curiosity.

9. Livejournal people are sluttier and less likely to ask you to wear a condom, which makes it so much more convenient for random sexual encounters.

10. Memes! Polls! The two best things about Livejournal. I fricking live for those things! Seriously though, stop doing those, and start posting more photos of drunk Asian chicks at clubs; or I'm switching to Xanga.

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