February 11th, 2005


Pop And Lock, Fool!

They’re break dance fighting!

Lately I’ve been mesmerized by the ancient art of pop and lock. Unfortunately, so has the rest of the advertising industry, as you might’ve seen in this Super Bowl commercial. Pop-and-locking Asian grandparents with vacant expressions are fucking comedy gold. They could very well be the next monkeys.

Don’t believe me? Then check out even more emotionless Asian people pop-and-locking, in this music video by NE-O. I’m assuming it was directed by the same people behind the Super Bowl spots.

So that’s the third spot in the past few months that’s featured break dancing, dammit, both of which were for cars:

One had a dancing Autobot. Wasn’t there a Decepticon that turned into a beat box? Soundwave? Maybe those two inevitably fell in love and had one of those tragic love affairs that end in them committing suicide, thereby teaching their warring clans that hate is wrong.

The other ad, for VW, had a pop-and-locking Gene Kelly. His grandkids must be hurting for cash.

What this all means is that I’ll never get a chance to do a pop and lock ad, which is a shame because I’d been hoping to work with this white guy with a giant belly and afro.


Thought I’d throw in another link:

Project Asia’s starting to heat up. They’ve got new interviews with Ivana Ma from “The Apprentice”, and Ken Oak, a Korean lad who sings the kind of soulful songs that compels college girls to take black-and-white photos of trees or write bad poetry. I stopped watching “The Apprentice” after the first season, so I’m not too familiar with Ivana. But I’d heard she got fired for taking her clothes off to sell a candy bar. Trump is a fricking idiot.

This woman can sell my candy bars any day.
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