February 25th, 2005


The Coolest Thing.

I'm brainstorming like a motherfornicator this weekend, and I need your help, online Obi-Wans.

If you can, post the coolest thing you’ve seen on the Internet in the past few months. Something so insanely awesome that you immediately felt compelled to email it to your friends for social acceptance. It can be interactive, like last year’s Subservient Chicken or the Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard. Or it can be interactive movies, like this week’s Brawny Man. And there are always non-interactive movies or commercials, like this classic which will always be fresh like a can of Picante..

But a bigger emphasis on cool than wacky. Like BMW Films, Nike Shoxploitation, the breakdancing Transformer spot I posted two weeks ago, or the guy who parachuted under a freeway overpass.

Unfortunately, it can’t be pornish as it’s work-related. And please, for the love of God, nothing that makes you want to remove both eyeballs with your own fingers, like the Fred Durst sex video.


On a completely different topic, the guy on the left is baldinating himself for a very good cause. No, it's not to raise money for non-cartoonish eye transplants. To get the story, please check out Liz's page.

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