March 25th, 2005


Livejournal: Online Headquarters Of Evil.

Good Lord. Yet another evil psychopath with a Livejournal account. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was the baby rapist. This time it's the high school kid who went on that shooting rampage in Minnesota, Jeff Weise or weise.

Am I the only person on Livejournal who hasn't committed a major felony?

Now I'm just waiting to see if someone on my Friends list makes the news. I know that some of you have mentioned that lexxy_pie had once ravaged a Dalmation; but this isn't against the law in Canada as long as the dog is of legal age, so technically he doesn't count.


While I'm on the topic of disturbed individuals, I realized that I'd forgotten to pimp Dan's (isogen) upcoming event, which takes place this Sunday.

TALKOF DABLOCK + LiNK Benefit Concert


The Compound
610 S. Van Ness Ave.
between 6th and Wilshire
$5 entry / $1 entry with guestlist (go to
>> far east movement, nemo, ken oak, burning tree projekt, monroe st., chris ramos, kaila yu, and special guests

Click here for more info.

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