April 25th, 2005


I See LJ People.

Last week set some sort of record for me, I think, in terms of meeting Livejournal people.

Stopped by Daniel's (isogen) birthday party for a deluge of warm Belvedere and Crown shots. God, that was rancid. Ran into a couple of fellow Hacienda Heighters, azendoll and bobbi_lee, at my friends' play. And grabbed lunch with Rain (hipstomp) and Mai (sonially) in Manhattan Beach.

As you can see in the pics below, Mai's been my LJ lunch partner in past meals with pjammer and dilly on account of her working next door to my office, and her many fascinating tales as a result of her frequent interaction with the undead and porn stars. One day, it is my hope that she'll have a new story that somehow combines both, like a zombie orgy.

Rain was only in town for a few days and, like the other times I've met up with him, it fucking rained. As we've already joked perhaps one too many times, I should be grateful his name isn't Sleet or Swarm of Locusts.

Anyway it looks like there could be another LJ week in the near future - a sequel to my Toronto trip, as Rain, Alex (lexxy_pie) and Paul (naka_chan) come to town in May during E3. Ah wait, Paul just moved here; but it doesn't lessen the magic and latent homoeroticism.

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