May 4th, 2005


Yerba Mate vs Hello Kitty


Bought this yerba mate gourd and metal straw when I was down in Argentina. Granted, I wasn't particularly fond of yerba mate; but nevertheless it's an important part of their culture - and so are cows! The fact that this object masterfully combined the two elements wasn't lost on me, so I happily shelled out the pesos.

Unfortunately my girlfriend didn't see the ingeniousness of this purchase. In fact, she found it digusting. "What were you thinking when you bought this ... thing?"

As it gathered dust over the past few months in a hidden corner of one of my rooms, even I found myself second-guessing my purchase. Then one day, I discovered THIS on a table:

Fucking eBay.

A Hello Kitty tissue cozy created to look like a pink leather couch ... clearly she's been smoking rock.

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