May 23rd, 2005


E3 Pics.

This company didn't even have any games: They just hired a bunch of model/actresses to hang out in a fake sorority pad, like a softcore zoo exhibit. The guy in the black shirt was trying to proposition the blonde booth babe for sex in exchange for one of his bags of E3 shit.


I've never seen such an elaborate set-up just for giving away free t-shirts. However I did enjoy the woman's impression of Hulk Hogan, and her muscular buttocks.


Here we see a bunch of young males beating off ... to drums, at the Nintendo booth.


Looked up and saw this giant eye. With a giant fly. Don't know why. Jermaine Dye.


The bondage chicks playing with fire sticks was mildly impressive; it's what the woman on all fours did with the fire exinguisher that really impressed me.

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