June 14th, 2005


I Need A Hobby.

The weekend was pretty good as far as weekends go. Typical Friday/Saturday/Sunday activities for a childless, unmarried, genital herpes-free male.

Friday night, a buddy and I grabbed some porterhouse with new LA boy, Paul (naka_chan) and his woman, Karen. Afterward, I introduced the couple to a few more of my friends at a neighborhood bar, and we proceeded to terrify them with our uncouthness. At least Paul discovered the joys of sansachun and its "perfect blend of sensual herbs." But that was completely erased by the trauma of watching me belch out "Like A Virgin" at the noraebang across the street.

On Sunday, I jammed my large intestines with even more steak in Malibu with the girlfriend and her family for her sister's birthday. We had a table right next to the water, but I couldn't get over how sad, cold and murky the ocean looked. It's hard to believe it's the same ocean I saw in Hawaii a few months ago. Wasn't much of a sunset either, the sky just went from grey to black. At least the dessert was free.


So that leaves Saturday. Chuck had his birthday at fricking Karnak (Why God, why is that live band still fucking there?). It was an interesting evening: A lot of the people at the party were going through some major changes. Some were newly single, some were newly unsingle, some had just moved into town, and some were about to move out. Summer's a busy season.

I didn't bring a camera that night, but others did, unfortunately. And judging from their pics on Ofoto, I'd have to guess I was a bit on the drunkish side ...

Luckily for me, so were my friends ...

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