June 23rd, 2005


The New Black?

A friend informed me last week that there were some pics of me at a party on Ktown213.com. Damn you, Ktown213, damn you to hell. I think the few times a pic of me has appeared on that site's photo galleries, I've always looked puffy, sweaty and wasted ... maybe it had something to do with my being puffy, sweaty and wasted.

While I was there, I started checking out the other party pics, because Lord knows you Livejournal bastards haven't been posting any (Why can't you be more like those picture-whoring Xanga people?). Granted, I don't go out nearly as much as I used to, but I'm guessing that striped is the new black for Asian male clubwear?

I'm just talking about shirts, because everybody wears jeans anyway, thank God. I guess the one practical advantage a striped shirt has over a solid-colored shirt is that you can spill a drink or vomit all over yourself, and still possibly wear that same shirt to another club the next night.

This reminds me of my ancient days of clubbing, when you'd walk into an Asian nightclub and half the guys would be wearing a white muscle t-shirt and a black vest. And then I'd run to the dance floor, because the DJ was playing Gucci Crew's "Sally (That Girl)."

Sally’s never tired and she’s never alone
All Sally wants is a fellow with a room
Whoa…oh…oh…oh… Sally, whew, That Girl.


Though they're supposed to be better about fashion than their male counterparts, sometimes it looks like Asian chicks all buy their clubbing clothes at the same damn store ... because they do. You all should be ashamed of yourselves! But really, I could care less, because cleavage is very dear to me.

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