July 22nd, 2005


Voltroning In The Big Apple.

Ahhh, New York.


Met my 12th(?) Livejournal person, Caroline (x_lil_one_x), at a house party this evening; which is fitting as she was one of the only people on my Friends list who regularly posted decent party pics.

Speaking of which, I'll be heading to Mannhumid next weekend along with Paul (naka_chan) and Alex (lexxy_pie). Rain (hipstomp) jokingly referred to us as the Asian blogger Voltron, which can only mean that Alex is Princess Allura. I think Voltron was made up of five robot lions, so I guess Kirk (captredstar) "forms the head" (Believe me, the homo jokes have been nonstop on the email exchanges - so much so that I fear Kirk's pad will end up turning into an episode of "Oz.")

I've actually got a question for any knowledgeable NYCers reading this: What's a great non-touristy thing to do on a Friday afternoon in your town? Unfortunately Scores doesn't have a lunch buffet, and in fact those fricking Communists don't even open 'til the evening. I was considering hitting the Yanks/Angels game, but that's also at night. So my main option is MOMA, as I've yet to check out its recently renovated digs. Any cool - and I mean air conditioned - suggestions would be helpful.

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