August 25th, 2005


Sister Furong.


Nostrils flared like an angry dragon ... A sultry gaze that penetrates your loins ... Buttocks plump and round like hot, steamy dumplings ...

If these photos make you want to touch yourself seductively, you are not alone. Apparently Furong Jiejie, or Sister Furong, has become a huge Internet celebrity in China by posting photos of herself in these Crouching Hoochie poses and writing about how irresistably beautiful she is.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with those Communists? I've been to China several times so I know that attractive women actually do exist there; so I can only guess that the fascination has something to do with the fact that she looks well-fed and maybe most of her fanbase is in the poorer, hungrier parts of China.

Her popularity has soared to the point that the Chinese government recently shut her blogs down - probably because they're afraid that other countries might think that Sister Furong is what passes for hot in China and tease them at UN meetings.

This sort of reminds me of an article I read last year about how bloggers were actually able to become minor celebrities in their respective Asian countries, like this girl in Singapore. Once again, I'm baffled. And Singaporeans don't even have Communism or mass poverty as an excuse.


So for those of you who actually give a shit about fantasy football, I just had my draft, and my team consists of McNabb, Tomlinson, Holt, Boldin, Vanderjagt, and that promising rookie back Ronnie Brown. I'm not particularly excited about the rest of the guys - although Moulds has sentimental value as he was on my very first fantasy team - which is not a good sign considering the winning team pockets well over $1500. McNabb had better be eating plenty of that Chunky Soup.

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