August 30th, 2005


God Bless That Borat Guy.

So I had this really strange dream last night ...

It began with Pamela Anderson walking down a beach on a warm summer day in a beautiful white dress while holding a bouquet of roses and a chihuahua head. Was she getting married to Tommy? Worse, the crazy woman was throwing a wedding for her two dogs. This is why the rest of the country hates LA. Hell this even makes me hate LA.

Suddenly, out in the ocean, I see Ali G dressed as his character Borat, floating toward the beach on a giant turtle named Thomas. This could be the only time in my life where I'm praying that a man is wearing a speedo.

Borat gets off the turtle in his gay biker gear. I was not aware they made dolphin shorts for men. Despite his taste in clothes, Borat's easily my favorite of Sasha Cohen's characters.

He approaches Pamela Anderson for what appears to be a hug, arms open, legs pale and extremely hairy.

But, lo! What's this? Dude lunges for Pam. Pam's dog prays that Borat is about to rescue him from this unholy matrimony.

Borat takes Pam down! Man in green Hawaiian shirt anxiously awaits to see if her titters pop out.

As it turns out, man in green Hawaiian shirt was more interested in the contents of Borat's dolphin shorts. I guess this would qualify as a "pwned" pic, but that word annoys me for some reason.

Borat gets dragged away by security guards, who later dunk him in the ocean as punishment. Surprisingly, or not, this was not a bad dream after all.

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