October 28th, 2005


Shanghai Is Loud And Wet Like Your Mom.

Spent the morning and afternoon strolling around French Concession and Huai Hai Lu. Was planning to make my way up to Nanjing Lu; but as soon as I walked out of a cafe it started raining. Which is no big surprise as there are only two kinds of weather in Shanghai: hot & humid and grey & pissy.

So here I am, updating my journal in a dry, warm place as Chinese drivers angrily honk at each other in the pungent dampness. I don't think there is a single millisecond in this town when the air isn't saturated with the constant cacophony of car horns - like giant asshole cicadas.

As for yesterday, it went like this:

LAX --> Slept. I sleep reasonably well on planes, except for the saliva trickling and aching neckbone part. --> Caught the second half of "Screaming & Kicking." Why do they vilify coffee in this shitty film? Why? --> Slept. --> Caught all of "Madagascar." Should've punched myself in the face and knocked myself out instead. --> Slept through "March of the Penguins," which was the only movie on the flight I should've watched. --> Narita --> Finished chapter 30 of "A Wild Sheep Chase." On a previous trip last year, I read "Dance Dance Dance." Afterward, I found out it was the sequel to "A Wild Sheep Chase." --> Pudong. Wherever you go in Asia - and this goes for every country - there's this very distinct smell that hits you as soon as you step off the plane and continues to follow you everywhere until you get back on a plane. It kinda smells like truck exhaust with a mild hint of dirty bathroom. --> Guandi. I was at the opening night party many years ago. Surprised to find it's still popular. But now it's filled with Chinese people dressed like Japanese hip-hopsters, bobbing their heads to 50. --> Park 97. Cheezy old expats and the oriental women who love them. Hasn't changed a bit. --> Slept.

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