November 28th, 2005


Completely Pointless Entry.

I remember the good old days when Amazon only sold books and CDs.


The middle of last week, my head was a large jar filled with thick, delicious mucus. When most of the mucus was gone by Saturday, my head was just an empty jar. Ever since I've been back from China, my mind and my body have been occupying different planes of existence. I just don't feel completely here.

But this is a temporary thing, so I've been trying to get myself back into a comfortable, steady rhythm. Yes, the very same predictable rhythm that I was complaining about right before my China trip. And I've gotta do this soon, because I've got an assload of concepts due in a couple of days.

I wonder if "rhythms" is the longest vowel-less word in the English language. I also wonder if Al B Sure is the only solo artist to have a complete sentence for a name (I guess one could also make a case for LL Cool J.) I only bring this up because I came across "Nite and Day" on the radio while driving home from work, and I remembered the days when ... wow, this entry is truly a brain queef.

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