May 22nd, 2006





Michael Wolf was the photographer who was responsible for Architecture of Density, which knocked me on my ass in terms of its sheer spectacularosity. He has a new photo series out, which answers the question: "People live inside those fucking things?" Called 100x100, Wolf took 100 pictures of 100 units in Hong Kong's oldest housing project, where each of the units are 100 sq ft. It's interesting to see how each resident chose to fill the 10-ft by 10-ft space that they call home. Vaguely reminded me of Hu Yang's Shanghai Living series.


Was having dinner with some friends, and a buddy who's an attending physician talked about the emails he gets from doctors in Cambodia, as part of an international program that our mutual friend set up. Basically they email him with descriptions about patients' symptoms and ask him to make a diagnosis. If he tells them that the patient has cancer, the doctors send the person home to eventually die. They just lack the medical capability to treat cancer, and so they kick them out to make room in the hospital for people whom they can actually save.

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