May 31st, 2006


Recovery Brunches.

Exploding Cars 2

Exploding Cars 1

Cai Guo-Qiang describes my Memorial Day weekend perfectly with Ford Tauruses.


One half of the weekend was spent recovering from the other half of the weekend. Not that I'm complaining, as this past weekend was even more interesting than the previous weekend, which had included numerous highlights, such as Korean popstars executing choreographed dance moves on wheelchairs.

During Goose attack recovery, I was introduced to a new brunch place in Culver City called Cafe Laurent. It's got ample outdoor seating, which was perfect because the weather was ridiculously perfect. The Eggs Benedict were an excellent way to help my stomach erase the memory of the previous night; and the girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed her first Croque Monsieur ... and I hope to God "Croque Monsieur" isn't what the French call their version of a Hot Carl.

On another recovery brunch, I realized that Larchmont Village is that very pretty girl with an extremely bland personality. Now Abbot Kinney, on the other hand - I'd totally do her. So back to Larchmont: Not a single cool restaurant or business in that entire area, and yet it's still a really pleasant place to stroll and hang out. In this case, I was sitting in front of Coffee Bean listening to two doctors complain about how inaccurate "Grey's Anatomy" was and then admit they were addicted to it in the same breath. A friend then lost it when her dog wouldn't stop barking and splashed his face with a cup of water, hitting me along with it. I'm not sure The Dog Whisperer would approve. But then maybe my friend'll start her own reality show, The Dog Partial Drowner.


This amusing spot will never run, which is surprising, because it's Norwegian.

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