June 6th, 2006


Asia Trip.



In The Mood For Love

Hong Kong




Taking off Wednesday 2 AM for yet another Asia trip. As indicated above, I'll be hitting Saigon, Hanoi, Hong Kong & Tokyo. Didn't plan on it - was just really itching to go somewhere really far back in April. And when Alex (lexxy_pie) told me he was taking a couple of months off to backpack through Southeast Asia, I figured I'd join him for the last leg of the trip.

This will be my first time in Vietnam, so I'm feeling pretty jolly about that. What I'm not feeling jolly about is that evil whore known as monsoon season. I'll most likely be writing during the trip, and I absolutely guarantee you that the first entry will be about asscrack-soaking humidity. That is unless they rent out full-body armor with air conditioning, beverage dispenser, and missile launcher.

So yes, yet another Asia trip. I really should mix it up and do Europe again someday. I've heard it's changed quite a bit since I'd last been there. Not only do they have a new currency called the Euro, but thanks to a cataclysmic tear in the space/time continuum, every European is now prancing about in tights and wigs while setting fire to witches.

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