June 19th, 2006



I've lost all track of time and space.

In the past five days, I think I've been in four countries, including Japan, which is where I am now - Shibuya, to be precise. In those five days I've lost a tube of facial washer and my Rock Out With Your Cock Out t-shirt. I've bought a bootleg disc containing Photoshop and Illustrator for the girlfriend, but the store was closed when I came back to pick up the burned disc, and by the time store opened again, I was on another island in another time zone in another language. I've had Alex fucking bite me on the arm. I've had a Vietnamese Army colonel try to speak French to me on a plane. I've had a three-hundred pound Thai woman give me a suffocating bearhug. I've sat in a McDonalds watching Japanese girls sit at a table littered with dozens of cosmetic and haircare products, styling their hair with straightening irons.


My last night in Hong Kong was a repeat of my other last night in Hong Kong. After having drinks with Rain's friend Dan and his buddies at the Mandarin Oriental, I somehow ended up partying with this cartoon character who called himself the Godfather of Hong Kong. The guy was every single cliche and stereotype of cheezy, rich Hong Kong males stuffed into a sunglasses-at-a-nightclub-wearing body. The second question he asked me after "What's your name?" was "What car do you drive?"

But I can't complain. In his neverending need to impress everybody he met with money, the "Godfather" insisted on paying for all of our drinks and got us a table at the Hei Hei club. After blowing through my cash at Lan Kwai Fung and this club called Volar the previous night, I was glad to let my wallet get some beauty sleep. Hei Hei, by the way, is the most insanely crowded club I've ever been in - it'd give a fire marshall a massive stroke. I had to literally swim through people to get anywhere.

Then the club closed at 5:30. I got to the hotel around 6, where Alex was sleeping like a bitch (The guy had retired after the Mandarin Oriental, cursing Hong Kong for being lame). I took a quick shower, changed, and left for the airport, where a plane was waiting to take me to Tokyo.

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