July 21st, 2006


Taxi From Hell. Death In K-Town.

From the same Japanese prank show that brought you the "Port-A-Potty From Hell," "Wakeup From Hell" and "Massage Chair From Hell" comes "Taxi From Hell." This time there's only one victim - an actor - who ends up being terrorized by a stunt driver pretending to be a cab driver. The beginning's slow and doesn't get interesting until about 2:20 minutes into it. I'm convinced there are no lawyers in Japan. I'm waiting for a prank show where they actually kill people.


On a serious note, I came across this sad story about Brian Chin via AngryAsianMan. Brian was at Blink in Koreatown to celebrate the birth of his first child, and unfortunately ended up getting into a confrontation with a group of idiots at a nearby table. According to CBS News, nine males followed them to the Chapman Plaza parking lot, where they attacked them with mace and knives like pathetic cowards. Brian was stabbed a multiple number of times and died later. If you live in LA and frequent K-Town, you obviously know that incidents like this happen more often than they should. On weekends, there are just as many brainless and gutless punks as there are watered-down bottles of Crown. Party safe, everyone.

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