August 2nd, 2006


My VMA Nominees ... For Best Video of This Wednesday Morning.

I'd like to dedicate this music video by OK Go to a friend of mine who recently suffered a treadmill accident. From what I heard, it unexpectedly accelerated while she was jogging on it - just like in the movies - and she flew off the fucker, splitting her lip and suffering multiple scratches and bruises. Unfortunately for the treadmill company, she's an attorney.


Muse combines Spaghetti Westerns, old school Kung Fu flicks, and sci-fi/post-apocalyptic B-movies and turns it into music video gold. When the video vixen appears
Valkyrie-style on top of a unicorn while wearing the same uniform as Erin Gray from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," my brain literally exploded. Or was it my genitals? Perhaps both.


This isn't a music video, but it's music-related. This rapper, Joey Jihad, decides to rap for the camera in a Philly neighborhood. Right when he gets started, somebody punches him in the face, steals his bling and drives off in his car. The End. Neither my brain nor genitals exploded for this one.

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