August 3rd, 2006


Kenny Logins Is Tiny. Mister T Loves Fashion.

Dwarves are awesome. Dwarves that wrestle professionally, destroy magical rings, or sing and dance are beyond awesome – they are tiny miracles, much like Chicken McNuggets. Not sure what country this video’s from, perhaps Iran. If so, this little guy is our answer to creating peace in the Middle East. Imagine having all the world’s leaders sitting at a table, and then having this dude on top of that table, singing and dancing. Bush will be spellbound by his resemblance to Kenny Loggins.


Yet another reminder that the Eighties truly was the greatest decade of all time. After watching this, I’m convinced instead of Project Runway, Bravo should’ve had a fashion show starring Mr. T, with Mr. Belvedere as a guest commentator. This special was called "Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool." And who can argue with that? The man almost beat Rocky.

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