August 23rd, 2006


Bobby Lee.


Bobby Lee's the only Asian standup comedian who's actually made me laugh my ass off. And I've seen all of them, except for Joe Koi, whom my friends tell me is one of the funniest comedians out there right now. So I was pretty bummed when I came across this clip. Not because Bobby talks about blowing his cousin - Lord knows if he just made it up for shock value; and if it is true, all good comedians are fucked up anyway. No what disappointed me was the shit he said after that.

Granted, Asians saying racist things about other Asians is nothing shocking. Whether it's friends joking around with each other or a parents threatening to disown you for dating someone from a certain country. Hell, every racial, ethnic, religious group has its own inner prejudices. God made us excruciatingly retarded this way. But I guess I expected more from Mr. Lee, although there's not much you can expect from a man who claimed to have orally serviced a male relative. For one thing, he had to say it to that Fear Factor meat head Joe Rogan of all people. My guess is it was Rogan who added the ching-chong music, you know, so other white people know it's an oriental video.

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