September 18th, 2006


Toronto Pics. Better Late Than Never.

Finally got around to posting photos from the Toronto trip. As hipstomp, naka_chan, lexxy_pie, and captredstar have all posted pics already, there's really not much left to show
... or is there?


Alex is a crazy fuck. Even more so when he gets the liquor in him. One time, when we were in Bangkok, Alex got so mad that I wouldn't rescue him from this fat stripper (I was too busy laughing at the boy) that he leaned over and bit my arm. If you've ever been bitten by another human being, you'd understand the pain I experienced. You know what's even worse than biting someone when you're mad? Biting someone for no reason at all, which is what he did our second night in Toronto. Chomped right on my titty, just above the areola. Thirty minutes later, he did the same to Paul.

Neither Alex or I expected Paul to bite him back. But he did, much to Kirk's delight. And Paul being Japanese, he then turned Alex into his comfort woman.

Alex was filled with shame. But Lord knows he didn't learn his lesson and he'll be biting people again.

Because Alex isn't an isolated case. What the hell is wrong with you Toronto people? Get a little tipsy and all of a sudden it's Dawn of the Dead with you brain-hungry folk.


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