October 12th, 2006


Bentley Ad. Pelican Tries Something New.

This ad's been making the rounds lately, but nobody seems to know if it's genuine. Of course I'm referring to the authenticity of the ad and not if Bentley owners are douchebags.


This is definitely real. While it somewhat startled me at first, I admire this pelican for thinking outside the box. He's an innovator.


Had drinks last Tuesday in Venice with a buddy who'd recently moved back to LA. The last time I'd seen him was at his going-away party about a little over a year ago. After I'd left the party, he told me that he was approached by a girl we both knew well. They'd been decent friends and would flirt around every once in a while; but that was that, as they were both in relationships. Fairly harmless stuff. But I guess his leaving town - and breaking up with his girlfriend in the process - combined with several rounds of Patron compelled her vagina to spring into action. She found him smoking outside the bar, exchanged a few seconds of small talk, and soon they were kissing intensely. Thirty minutes later, they were in his bedroom. Here's how he described it to me:

FRIEND: I fucked the shit out of her all night. It was fucking brilliant!

ME: What?

FRIEND: I said, I fucked the ...

ME: No no, not that part. Did you just describe intercourse as brilliant?

FRIEND: It ... was ... brilliant.

ME: I don't even know what that means, but it sounds filthy.

FRIEND: Brilliant!

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