October 25th, 2006


Dude, Where's Jessica's Ass?

Insert "Dude Where's My Car?" joke here.


One of the more difficult projects I've worked on in '06 finally launched this past Friday. No, it wasn't knitting a sweater for Ashton Kutcher. It was creating a series of "pop-up" art galleries/brand experiences/event spaces featuring installation art by Arne Quinze, video art by Pascual Sisto and photographs by Miranda Lichtenstein. The first gallery's in Beverly Hills, and Friday night we had an opening party with clients, the media, art scene folk, rich people, pretty people, and famous types such as Mr. Demi Moore.

While I was stoked to see Jeremy Piven and even Jason Lee (Although I don't watch "My Name is Earl", I'd always been impressed with the fact that a skateboarding legend somehow managed to become a successful actor.), I was really bummed that Jessica Biel didn't make an appearance. Even if she couldn't show up, I was hoping at least her extraordinary buttocks would somehow detach themselves, hop in a limo, and stop by for a few cocktails.


That ass is science fiction.


Anyway, the gallery's last day is next Friday, November 3, and the daily hours are 10 to 6 except Wednesdays. If you like expensive chocolate and are currently unemployed, I'd recommend stopping by at 11 AM on October 24 and 31 for Teuscher's chocolate tasting. The address is 269 N. Beverly Dr on the corner of Dayton Way. After Beverly Hills, it hits Manhattan on November 13, then Miami, and finally Chicago.

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