December 9th, 2006


Cool = White Curtains.

After days of heat and humidity, it was a little jarring to walk outside to butt-ass coldness. At least butt-ass coldness for Miami: 65-degrees and drizzle.

Hit NADA, which was the biggest of the non-Art Basel shows and featured new and emerging artists and galleries. I still don't know what qualifies as good art. But I do know what catches my attention, namely anything that has animals eating human limbs, naked large-breasted women covered with really bright paint, or bronze statues of astronauts kneeling.


Miami - specifically South Beach - is really growing on me. I would definitely consider having anal sex with this town.


Checked out the two hottest hotels Delano and Shore Club tonight. The key to their hotness: white curtains. That shit was everywhere. And as there were borderline hurricane winds tonight, those curtains were flapping all over the damn place, occasionally smacking me in the head. Thanks to Goose, however, my face was numb.

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