December 18th, 2006


Yul Wins, And So Does Crown Royal.

Holy shit. My friend's brother won Survivor. And most importantly of all, he actually made Asian-American guys look good on TV, even with what appears to be leg AIDS.


Went to a party at the Skirball Center that celebrated one of the most tumultuous relationships in Los Angeles: Koreans and Crown Royal. I don't know how it all started as they didn't even serve Crown in Seoul clubs the last time I was there in '00. But somehow, many years ago, some K-Town nightclub decided to offer that as the cheapest bottle you could get with a table. And somebody even smarter figured he could increase his profits by diluting the Crown with water, or a water-like substance. The rest, as they say, is liver-poisoning history.

Fittingly the Skirball party was open bar. Despite the Crown theme, I tried to stick to vodka. I may not have known vodka for as long as I've known Crown, but I find vodka's company to be much more agreeable. But within an hour, every bar had run out of vodka. So it was just me and Crown, yet again.

Not too long after, my friends - some whom I haven't seen in a long-ass time - began making me do Crown shots with them. Unlike the K-Town clubs, these Crown shots were free of water-like substances, and therefore thoroughly vile. Like Listerine, but with even more germ-killing powers. And when the bars ran out of shot glasses, we were drinking it from large cups.

Needless to say, despite my recent increased tolerance from the Miami trip, I got fairly loaded. And by that I mean I kept going over to a friend who recently got a 4-carat engagement ring, grabbing her hand and pointing it to the sky yelling, "Thundercats, HO!" Later, a friend would correct me and inform me that the Thundercats were summoned with the Sword of Omens, not a diamond ring the size of a small buffalo.

Then I turned into a Crown-soaked travel guide. I raved about South Beach to Angie. I tried giving Thailand tips to Daniel's friend, Natalie. And I went on and on about Argentina to Sung Kang for 15 minutes although I barely know the guy. I guess I just really like traveling. And maybe, just maybe, I even like Crown in a weird sort of way.

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