January 18th, 2007


The Past 10 Days.

I suppose if anybody's going to take a ton of pics at the AVN Awards, the convention, and the parties - it'd be Mr. Bronques.


In the past 10 days,
I've moved to a new floor and office,
my girlfriend started her new job,
I discovered that my new desk is an inch too low and I'll probably develop a slouch as a result,
my best friend flew in from China,
I had dinner with fourteen friends on Saturday and as predicted they all got tired before midnight,
San Diego's soul was shat upon on live national television,
I took a shit where the resulting poo looked like curly fries,
"Rome" had its season premiere and the ending was depressing as fuck,
I looked out a window today and saw the perfect cloud,
and via the Season 4 DVD set I watched Jack Bauer kill more people than AIDS.

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