February 6th, 2007


Super Bowl Party.

Headed down to San Diego for our friends' Super Bowl bash. They'd been throwing this big party for a while now, with the exception being last year, when the wife gave birth to twins. They resumed the tradition this year, but there was something different ...


Younglings galore! An entire legion of insanely adorable toddlers wobbling about in a surprisingly orderly fashion. The San Diego and Orange County people have been using the uterus like a semi-automatic weapon, shooting out babies left and right.


Just a couple of nights earlier, I was emptying a bottle of Goose down my gullet. And now I was at a party that had one of those inflatable kiddie tents. I feel like the Hobbits at the end of "Return of the King," standing at the shore, watching Gandalf and the Elves sail off to wherever the hell they went to - Jamaica maybe. I have absolutely no desire to go to Jamaica, and I wonder if I ever will.

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