February 21st, 2007


Dancing Oscar Of Waikiki. I Miss Beer.

When I first saw this video yesterday, I laughed my ass off (Figuratively speaking, of course, as I have no ass - more like a Mongolian steppe.). But then I really started to envy the old guy. We should all be lucky enough to achieve this level of retard happy.


Liz xrysalis  - that zany woman - has a firefighter friend who's shaving his head again for charity. It's an extraordinarily worthy cause: raising money for childhood cancer research. So please click here and give what you can. ANY amount is greatly appreciated - this week's beer money, for instance.


I really miss beer.

About seven or eight months ago I figured out that my recent RLS-type symptoms would pop up whenever I had wine or beer after dinner. So I stopped drinking the vino and the brew, and the symptoms - and about 15 pounds - went away. The wine I don't miss at all, but Jesus do I miss beer. Maybe this is how parents feel when their kids run away to join the circus. Which is strange considering I couldn't stand the taste of beer until my late twenties. I think it had something to do with my childhood. When I was eight, I grabbed my dad's can of Coors when he wasn't looking, and took a swig. I almost went blind with disgust. And now look at me ... watching "Rome" with a glass of water while thinking about my girlfriend's bottle of Delirium sitting in the fridge.

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