March 5th, 2007


Patagonia-Bound This Saturday.


This Saturday, I'm hopping on a Peruvian airliner and finally heading down to Patagonia. I say 'finally' because I'd been meaning to go there for over a year. Have no idea what to expect. My last few trips have been the kind where I debauched myself to oblivion, essentially rebooting the inside of my giant head. But this trip will be different. This time it'll be just me, alone with my disturbing thoughts ... and glaciers and penguins and guanacos and the most stunning mountains on Earth.

Between now and Saturday, however, is a brutal gauntlet of work and drunkery. There's a crapload of things that need to get done at the office before my trip to the bottom of the world. Then on Thursday, two crazy bitches - Alex & Kirk - come to town. Lord knows when I'll find any fricking time to pack.

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