March 12th, 2007


Hola From Buenos Aires!

I'm posting this from the same Internet cafe across the street from the Recoleta Cemetery where I posted this 2004 Buenos Aires entry.

Things have changed a bit since then. They now have Grey Goose here, and that $14 steak I ordered at Cabana Las Lillas is $18. The reason for the $4 price increase is that you no longer have to slaughter your own cow. Back in '04 you not only had to kill the animal, but you had to do it by choking it with your bare hands, in front of his family no less. That's just how they do things here in Argentina.

In a couple of hours I´ll be heading to the barrio of Palermo Viejo to feast on some succulent lamb chops. You don't want to know how we kill those poor s. Two more days to Patagonia.

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