April 15th, 2007


For The SoCal People.

For as long as I've known these guys (and gal), this is the first time they've all worked together on the same project: "The Trouble With Romance." Written/directed/produced by Geney Boy, co-starring Rog, and co-starring/produced by Emily. After festival runs in San Fran and Chicago, it's finally coming to LA. Hence this second entry of friend pimpetry.


The Los Angeles premiere of THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE will be screening on Saturday, MAY 5th @ 7 PM at the Directors Guild of America at 7920 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.

There will also be a complementary wine & cheese reception sponsored by E & J Gallo @ 5:30pm in the Directors Guild atrium before the screening. After the film, have Cinco de Mayo Patron shots with the cast at the post-screening party down the street at Falcon on 7213 Sunset Blvd (free admittance with ticket stub).

Click here to buy tickets: http://www.vconline.org/festival/program.cfm?program_id=20

There's a very strong possibility that seats will sell out quickly, so my recommendation is that you buy your tickets early.


I still haven't seen the movie - I'll be watching it for the first time on May 5th with the rest of yous - so I can't tell you how good it is yet. But here are some praise-laden quotes from reviews of its recent premiere in San Francisco:

"’The Trouble With Romance’
An extraordinarily engaging, well-written and creatively filmed romantic comedy comprised of four stories set in hotel rooms on the same floor...”
-The San Francisco Chronicle

“...Rhee’s feature debut is in some ways a textbook for how to make a great low-budget feature: Start with a really good, tightly written script, hire some terrific, trained, hungry actors and shoot it economically on small interiors. For an audience, it's a winning combination.”
-The San Francisco Chronicle

“(Roger Fan’s) intense crying jag while on the toilet is a riot. It is to bathroom crying jags what the French Connection car chase is to car chases.”
-The San Jose Metro

“Rhee is a talented director…”
-The SF Weekly

For more info about the film visit: www.myspace.com/TheTroubleWithRomance

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