June 5th, 2007


A Kama Sutra Entry.

The last entry seemed to indicate that you guys hunger for sex. So for you voracious fornicators, this entry is all about the Kama Sutra. But as my online journal is family-friendly, there will be no nudity here. For instance, here are Kama Sutra positions demonstrated only by women wearing underwear. No offensive penetrations here.


This one's a little more niche. It's the illustrated Kama Sutra for males who make a living by writing humor and video game articles on the Internet.


By now you're probably talking to your computer monitor: "Ed, you've inspired me with this extraordinary entry. Is there a bed sheet that can help me try out Kama Sutra positions at home?" As always, I'm here to help make your loftiest dreams possible. It's called the Karmasheetra.

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