June 13th, 2007


Gay Bomb. Fun With Farts.

According to this CBS news report, the Air Force looked into developing a powerful weapon that could turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals. The gay bomb. This can't be any stranger than if we discovered they were also trying to build a Coors Light Silver Bullet train that instantly covered everything in ice while delivering cold-brewed refreshment.


While driving home from work today, I was so distracted that I covered my mouth when I farted. This got me thinking: if the etiquette for coughing or sneezing is covering your mouth, what's the polite thing to do when you fart? You could try tightly cupping your hand over your asshole, but that would be futile. You could blame someone nearby and then make it look more convincing by angrily slapping them across the face. But the best option is to stop feeling ashamed and just have a great time with your gas cloud, as suggested by this video.

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