July 23rd, 2007


Mad Men. Career Switchers.

Watched AMC's new show Mad Men tonight, which is yet another series about the ad industry. The fascinating difference is that it takes place in 1960's Madison Avenue during the pre-politically correct era of the three-martini lunch. After the episode ended, I was really craving a scotch.


Spent Thursday and Friday nights entertaining a friend who was visiting from Connecticut. He's the national soccer editor for ESPN.com and was in town to do an article on David Beckham. The interesting thing about him - besides the fact that he's a Chinese guy with a British accent & has a cute girl's name - is that when I met him in New York several years ago, he was an i-banker.

I've been really captivated with career switches lately. In the past 12 months, I've known at least five coworkers who've left advertising for somewhat less evil, more interesting professions. A media department head quit to pursue her dreams of becoming a gemologist, while a former head of production became a headhunter. An account planner's now selling architecturally significant homes, and an account supervisor is studying the culinary arts in San Fran. I guess the least dramatic switch is a fellow associate creative director who took off in May to become a writer-producer for "Ugly Betty."

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that switching careers has crossed my mind quite often, as I'm sure it has for almost all of you. But lately I've been too busy with work and play and figuring out where all the channels are on my new cable service (God, I miss you DirecTV.) and couch shopping and scratching my butthole to really have time to give anything serious thought.

I hope this upcoming vacation from all of the above helps give me some long overdue clarity. And if you're going to find clarity anywhere, it'll most likely be found in a quiet, contemplative place like Seoul.

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