September 6th, 2007


George & Bruce.

The girlfriend's thinking of getting another fricking dog. I'm not too crazy about the idea as Turdy already provides enough stray bodily fluids, random crumbs, and hair for my pad. It's like I'm living with Amy Winehouse.

Nevertheless there I was tonight, checking out with the woman; and I came across these two characters. I read their story, and it sounded like a Disney movie, except without the killings and whores.

They found these two inseparable strays - a dainty poodle named George and a pit bull named Bruce - wandering the streets of downtown LA, searching for food and water. They're best friends and do absolutely everything together, so these guys have to be adopted together. Because I've seen what happens when pit bulls are separated from their furry soul brothers. They die of a broken heart, right after savagely mauling their new owners to death.

You can look into adopting these two rascals right here.

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